Jet Ski License

Personal watercraft operator (PWC)

This is a theory and practical course designed to cover the requirements for the safe operation and maintenance of a personal watercraft. As well as the theory component, the instruction will emphasise the practical applications of handling a PWC in the water.


Duration: 1 day

Minimum age: 16 years






  • Correct use of life saving equipment and emergency duties
  • Basic VHF radio terminology, requirements and procedures
  • Types of PWC and parts of a PWC
  • Concept of jet drive engines
  • Safe handling of PWC and fuelling
  • Safety equipment and spares/tools to be carried
  • Basic maintenance and safety checks
  • PWC operations, load constraints, weight distribution, stability, balance
  • PWC handling in various conditions and environments
  • Weather and the effect on safe operations
  • Launch and recovery, stowage, transfer to and from a vessel, and dock, coming alongside, beaching and launching from beach and handling with wind and/or current effects
  • Visual checks and aids to monitoring engine condition
  • Man overboard procedures
  • Legal requirements of towing and use of correct signals and requirements
  • Ropework.
  • Buoys, marks and charts and their symbols
  • Lights, shapes and sound signals
  • Sources of weather forecasting and basic passage planning
  • Understands the need to obtain weather information
  • Basic Collision Regulations (Rules of the Road)
  • Understands accident prevention as it relates to PWC
  • Care and maintenance of the PWC
  • Demonstrates ability to clean and maintain PWC in good and safe order
  • Protecting the environment




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